Albion Online - The Final Beta 1st August

Posted By: GamerDating - July 27, 2016

Albion Online is a player driven, PVP dominated MMO with crafting, gathering, and full loot based around guilds and territory. Some call it a spiritual successor to early Ulitma Online, and it does not pull any punches. You can read our early impressions from last year here.

The Final Beta for Albion Online will start 1st August for those early backers and founder packs.

The Final Beta introduces 2 new worlds, 4 new biomes, core systems revamps and improvements, guild vs guild reworks, a new reputation system, and missions. The latest instalment is packed and its a perfect time to get your hands on a little early access.

The Final Beta will start on August 1 for Legendary Founders, August 2 for Epic Founders and August 3 for Veteran Founders.

Check out the full details on new features over at the final beta update.