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Albion Online Launching This Week

Posted By: GamerDating - July 18, 2017

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world, in which you get to write your own story instead of just following a laid-out path. Explore Albion's vast open world, consisting of five different and unique biomes, with a focus on using gear, rather than innate skills. Spells, Movesets and abilities all rely upon gear allowing you switch out to play anything you fancy.

We at GamerDating checked out Albion Online back in 2015 so it is with interest to see how the game has changed over its last 2 years of interactive development. The launch is finally upon us, releasing throughout the week at various dates for different pre-order packages.

You can check out the game summary video below:

Albion Online boasts a player driven economy, requiring players to harvest, build and sell or buy gear. The economy is local, with marketplaces as physical locations requiring caravans, travel and allowing savvy traders to setup a solid market. Well... unless you were like us and became bandits stealing goods and taking the loot ;)

Albion does have PVE content with various wildlife, camps, and occasional dungeons and Hellgate (the Hellgates are new to us). The game allows PVP, and places each zone of the world into a bracket of pvp access, stopping it completely in the early zones and ramping up punishments with reputation systems (criminals!) and partial loot, and full loot pvp ending in the black zones where anything goes. Of course, the best minerals, ore, herbs and resources are the most dangerous areas. 

The game progresses using a large skill board which reflects and increases with the more times you do, or use something. Eg the more times you hit things with a sword, the higher your skill progresses. This will eventually hit a level and will allow you to use higher tier swords. Then you just need to find a crafter of the higher tiered swords, or make it yourself. 

Oh, wait a moe, you need the high tiered ore, so you better venture out into the red zone with your pals and mine that ore. Hopefully you won't get caught by a warring guild or bandit.

When it's finally made, lets hope you don't get ganked and looted. Or... do the looting and save time by taking that sword from your enemies ;)

The game, like many sandbox games, promotes creating your own story, your own game and has attempted to cover the base fundamentals across the board.

Albion Online is a buy once game, (B2P) and features optional subscription, which sadly is recommended.

Quoted in their latest AMA:

The soft subscription (called premium) allows your character to progress faster and get some other perks. It's designed in such a way that as a regular player, it is not something you'd want to be without.

However, you can buy the game's subscription, in game by farming silver, similar to Eve Online's PLEX system.

And finally, they have a micro transaction store for vanity and cosmetics.

If you get on board with the subscription services I recommend keeping an eye on, or giving Albion Online a try. Did I mention you can play it on your Andriod Tablet too?