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Amazon Game Studios Reveal Breakaway

Posted By: GamerDating - September 30, 2016

Breakaway is one of three games announced at this pre-TwitchCon reveal by Amazon.

The idea behind the games are to incorporate Twitch into games, enabling content creators and broadcasters to interact with their viewers in a unique and supported way.

Breakaway is a 4v4 moba with elements of rugby intwined.

  • Multiple characters (Anne Bonny, Spartacus, Black Knight) with unique abilities. These characters are split into archetypes such as Tanks, Snipers, Melee DPS.
  • Each character has 2 constructions they can build (ramps and similar things). These provide another form of customization between team compositions, and persist throughout rounds.
  • Game is focused on 4v4 gameplay, with touch ball or rugby rules, Maps are fairly small. The map was designed to be entirely visible to players at all times.
  • Broadcaster spotlight which will show if someone in your game is streaming, and how large their audience is with taunts and catering to a streaming style interaction.
  • Stream+, a new loyalty points system where you can gain points by watching streams and use those points in wagers and in-game polls.
  • Metastream, a utilization of direct game data to create custom data-rich overlays which are sent directly to OBS, enabling streamers to create a more rich viewing experience.

Amazon Game Studios are also building two other games alongside Breakaway:

New World

New World a MMO Sandbox game set in a living world. The gameplay is hinted to rotate around the seasons, weather and the ever evolving cursed world. It hints at building elements, dungeons and the ability to be a player killer/bandit. Focused on emergent gameplay and rich social features – including deep Twitch integration with broadcaster-led events, achievements, and rewards – your only limit in the New World is your ambition.


Crucible is a battle to the last survivor on a hostile alien world. Players choose and customize heroes, making alliances and betraying allies on their path to victory. An additional player heightens the drama by triggering events, live-streaming the battles, and interacting with viewers.