Announcements from TwitchCon Keynote

Posted By: The GamerDating Team - September 25, 2015

During today’s TwitchCon keynote, CEO Emmett Shear announced a major change to the platform: soon users will be able to upload pre-edited video to their channels.  We are looking forward to watching the war between them and YouTube.

Also announced was a viewing app coming for PlayStation 4 next month and Playstation 3 and Vita soon to follow.  The app, which gives PlayStation users the ability to watch any stream on Twitch with full chat support, will be released this fall.  Users have been able to stream to Twitch since the platform launch in 2013 but have had to watch via the console’s browser.

There were several other exciting announcements in Shear’s speech: improved whispers, a switch to HTML5 and a playlist system that plays through the channel’s videos while they are offline.