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Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Update

Posted By: GamerDating - March 14, 2017

Dice will be rolling out their first digital expansion. With this expansion it is a required download for all Battlefield 1 owners, if you do not own the expansion options will be greyed out and you will only be able to spectate the new maps.

Finally they are introducing the The French forces, one of the most notable and iconic forces in World War 1. The Introduction of the French forces will bring close quarter maps, bunkers and large scale vehicular warfare in the rolling hills of the French countryside.

Below are the expasion pack updates:

  • 4 new maps with big contrasts
  • 2 new immersive Operations
  • The French Army
  • 1 New elite class - The Trench Raider
  • 1 new Assault Tank
  • 1 new Behemoth - The super-sized tank “Char 2C”
  • 6 new unlockable Primary weapons
  • 4 new melee weapons
  • 1 new game mode - Frontlines
  • A new type of skins in Battlepacks
  • New melee puzzles in Battlepacks
  • Play as party improvements – Party Leader

The new Trench Raider Elite class is the one seen in the very first trailers we saw of Battlefield. Featuring a heavily armoured trooper wielding a spiked mace. The Trench Raider will be a grenade toting, melee class, charging in and taking bunkers out.

The Trench Raider

The 12 new weapons, mostly from the French arsenal can be acquired via the new Weapon Assignments which they have promised will feature some key hard challenges to unlock all.

Finally the new game mode - Frontlines is a mashup of Rush style flag capture, pushing the front line back and forth in a tug of war type motion. Each time a flag is taken, then a rush type mode is activated.

You can read the full patch notes here, which details all the gun and balance changes.

Will you be playing the new update?