BioShock Infinite Now Available With 2 Month Subscription

Posted By: The GamerDating Team - January 15, 2016

Hi Gamers!

We’re pretty stoked to be adding another game to our Silver bundles: this one is from a series very close to our hearts.

BioShock Infinite is now available as a Silver game. This means you can get it with either a Silver subscription or with a Gold subscription and a second Silver game.

What seems like forever ago(it was, in fact, six years ago) a proud gamer named James met a closet gamer named Melissa at university. He was incensed that his new friend was so shy about her love of video games and that she didn’t play anything newer than PlayStation 2. 

After an evening of tea and talking about world history, James decided the game to show her was BioShock. This instigated hours of conversations about games as art and the place of interactive entertainment in the modern world. These long talks, often over James’ shoulder while he played through something he needed to show her to make a point, fostered a close friendship and helped lay the foundation for GamerDating.

When we got the chance to offer one of the BioShock titles to our members, we jumped at the opportunity. We love these games and are excited to share one of them with you.