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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Expansion Announced

Posted By: GamerDating - November 30, 2017

Civilisation is one of our favourite series here at GamerDating. Nothing beats setting a new game up, local coop, Friday night and playing with your partner all weekend. Taking breaks for lunches, cuddles and tactics discussion ;)

Anton Strenger, Lead Designer of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall shared the overview of the new expansion.

The biggest, over-arching goal: dynamic empires. Civilizations will rise and fall through the course of the game (as you probably figured out from the title). Borders will ebb and flow. Cities will change their loyalties.

As a secondary goal, Civilization VI: Rise and Fall includes more storytelling elements – Historic Moments – that highlight the interesting turning points in your civilizations. These events happen every time you play, making playthroughs unique, while also giving them meaning in the mechanics.

The expansion is set to come out on February 8th 2018, just before Valentines day, enough time for us to explore, play and have a weekend of solid Civ.

The expansion is bringing out the following:

  • Cities now have a Loyalty Rating. This reflects the people's trust in you and is affected by your actions. Culture Flip time!

  • When Loyalty hits zero, the city will secede and become a Free City. Free Cities will not expand and will develop their own military. They essentially become a cross between a City-State and a Barbarian Camp. Up for grabs. No trade routes or agreements. Totally self-serving.

  • When you advance to a new Era, your past Era is evaluated. Based on your performance, or Era Score, you'll either enter a Golden AgeDark Age, or Normal Age. Golden Ages provide more Loyalty, while Dark Ages penalize it. Normal Ages are just, well, normal.

  • Overcoming a Dark Age with enough Era Score to enter a Golden Age will earn you a Heroic Age, which is basically a much more powerful version of the Golden Age.

  • At the dawn of each new Era, you get to make a Dedication. If you're in a Dark Age, your Dedication will provide more ways to earn Era Score. If you're in a Golden/Heroic Age, they will provide more buffs.

  • A new character-type has been added, called Governors. Governors are sort of like Spies, except you place them in your own cities to build Loyalty. They're also themed (Military, Science, Economy, etc.)

  • New Alliance types have been added. Make Alliances with other Civs to build rapport through research, trade agreements. Advanced Alliances that give tech or science bonuses.

  • Some events will trigger Emergencies that require a team effort from multiple Civs to quell. Every Emergency has a "winner" that will be rewarded a buff for the rest of the game.

  • 3 New Units have been added. Seems like it's mostly for late-game. Supply Convoy (upgraded Medic), Spec Ops (Navy SEAL inspired), and Drone (upgraded Observation Balloon).

  • Multiple New Districts. They've only revealed one, but it's called the Government District and is used to unlock new Policy Cards based on your government type.

  • New Civs, releasing 9 new leaders, and 8 new civs. These will be released over the coming weeks.

Check out the trailer below.

And for more information (in depth) check out Antons blog post.