CoH2: The British Forces Released

Posted By: The GamerDating Team - September 03, 2015

The British Forces, the third expansion of RTS Company of Heroes 2, released today on Steam.  This adds 15 new units, 8 maps, 6 commanders and new abilities.  The British Army also has a radically different playing style than other forces as the gameplay was heavily influenced by the real life tactics employed by Churchill’s soldiers.

As per normal with Relic’s releases, this is a standalone expansion.  Unlike other releases, the British forces are added to the game alone, instead of with an Axis counterpart.  

In addition, Relic will release "a major design upgrade" for the main game and existing expansions, intended to improve the balance of the game's five factions and deliver improvements to animations and graphics.

Screen capture from the new Company of Heroes 2:  The British Forces