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Crusader Kings II Adds Tibet and Himalayas!

Posted By: GamerDating - May 16, 2017

Paradox Interactives, Crusader Kings 2 has been continually updated and patched, adding more and more DLC, and free content. The game released back in 2012 is now 17 patches in, with 13 expansion packs. Some people see the updates as new versions of Crusader Kings. 

One thing we can say about the developers is that they just keep giving.

They have announced that they are updating the latest grey ugly wastelands of the Himalayas and the vast Tibetan plateau with masses of the rich history it deserves and talked about how they wish to give all sections of the vast world a fair representation.

Northern Siberia and the Sahara deserve to be wasteland; it’s difficult to do anything more about that (we’ve already twisted and manipulated the map projection, etc.) However, the Himalayas and the vast Tibetan plateau are a different story… Though mountainous, the region contains many important population centers and religious sites and has a rich history of interaction with China, India and Central Asia. In essence, the only reason it’s a “wasteland” in CK2 is that we haven’t prioritized doing it justice.

In addition, they are added and expanding the "edge of the world" by adding in new cultures, religions and fine tweaking some of the religious conversions, rising and gameplay.

I’ve never been happy with the way the eastern edge of the map feels like the edge of the world when, in fact, it should be a dynamic hub connecting at least four major civilizations (China, India, the Steppe Nomads and the Islamic world.) Well, the time to do something about that is now! In our working build, we have added the necessary provinces, new cultures (Bodpa, Tangut and Nepalese), new religions (Bön and Khurmazta), and title history for the entire region.

Crusader Kings 2 has gone far beyond what it originally featured, the medieval Europe. Now we see it spread across the world and continues to populate the world. It is also nice to seem them flesh out what they have expanded instead of just spreading out needlessly. You can see this in them revisiting shaded areas, such as Tibet. It continues to grow and is a testament to good game practices that we seldom see.

The developers continually add to the game that they see as an investment. A game worthwhile buying. It is not seen as a disposable game that developers have churned out for a quick buck, instead they release updates, patches and expansions.

Paradox Interactive, keep being awesome.

Have you played Crusader Kings 2 yet?

Check out the latest trailer from 2 months ago, of the expansion Monks and Mystics:

Source: Dev Blog