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Dota 2 Patch 7.00 Introduces Monkey King Hero, New HUD, Map, and Gameplay Changes

Posted By: GamerDating - December 12, 2016

Dota 2 version 7 has brought along some huge sweeping changes, changes so big, you'll be re-learning the game. So let us take a quick glance.

Monkey King, a new hero with tree jumping, rune illusions, some crazy attack damage sets him up as a perfect melee ganker and carry role. 

Monkey King is described as a Melee Cary Escape Disabler and his abilities definitely affirm his roles. You can read all about Monkey King here.

Monkey King is not really the focus, he pales in comparison to the changes that the new patch brings overall.


While a load of changes have subtly tweaked the game (yes, you'll be re-learning) a few of the main big changes are the new talent system, and the backpack.

Similar to the Heroes of the Storm-like Talent system, you can choose specific skills for your hero at 10, 15, 20 and 25-level milestones. These confer item-level stat bonuses to your hero, and you pick between two at each milestone. The new talents do not remove the old skills, but add to the old.

Heroes now have a backpack that allows them to carry three additional items. While backpack items cannot be activated and grant no bonuses, they can be used to complete recipes, and players can swap items from backpack to inventory slots with a short item cooldown.

Roshan has been moved to the top rune area.

New Shrine buildings sit about that provide healing boosts similar to the Heroes of the Storm healing fountains.

Items have been tweaked, changed and amended. Illusions earn gold and xp, neutrals have changed, xp earning, respawn timers, oh god we could go on.

All heroes have the talent changes, in fact there is so many changes it is better to spend a good day going over all the information here.


The hero control console has been reworked to reduce its on-screen footprint and allow space for the new Hero Talent interface and Backpack slots. Information on other selected units now appears in a left-aligned pop-out to let you maintain hero control as you gather intel.

The shop interaction has revamped with a merge of recommended and shop features. You can flip back to the traditional grid to explore alternatives to the established item builds.

The top bar now has a reduced footprint on the screen, providing more vision of the terrain around your camera. We've also added features to the top-bar hero portraits like timers, health, and mana.

In addition new customization, mana costs, and unit query panel brings a smooth sleek look with all the information!


The new pre-game screen will feature background loading to reduce the need to wait when the battle starts.

In addition the new pregame cut-screen introduces a funky VS screen before the battle.

The new hero selection introduces a new layout and has a general revamp, team composition tab, and a suggestions highlighter for the team.

Once you've locked in a hero, start planning your lanes and ward spots, purchase starting items, change your hero loadout, and more. After everyone has selected a hero, you'll have thirty seconds of guaranteed strategy time to make final preparations and item purchases while the game finishes loading in the background.

Some heroes have had remodels.

And finally community-authored bots have been given official support.

The entire patch notes are available over at Dota 2

Are you eager to get playing? What do you think of the changes?