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EVE Online: Introduce F2P And Huge Update

Posted By: GamerDating - November 08, 2016

EVE Online have been teasing us for a few weeks and today released a new video highlighting some of the changes in the upcoming update on November 15th, the expansion "Acension" will be introducing:

  • Clone States (Free 2 Play Option)
  • More player built structures
  • Revised new player experience
  • Command bursts (think aoe buff bombs)
  • Balance changes
  • Fitting simulator
  • New visuals and explosions
  • New Character Sheet UI
  • More NPCs.

The huge update is one to mark, and if you've ever played EVE Online before you can go back and play your old Clone as a Free 2 Play version.

Omega clones will be familiar to our current pilots, and will operate just like a subscribed character does today.
Alpha clones will be accessible for free, without subscription, and will be capable of training an assigned set of skills themed to a character’s race.

The skill set that Alpha Clones can train is race specific to the character that is training, and includes skills for flying tech one frigates, destroyers and cruisers, and for basic access to trading and industry.

Check out the teaser feature tour below:

Will you be logging back in to fight?