FarCry 3 Blood Dragon available now with 2 month packages!

Posted By: GamerDating - April 20, 2016

Last year we offered FarCry 3 Blood Dragon with our membership which was met with positive shouts of from Sgt. Rex Power, the demand echoing the beauty which is the 80s styled, retro hilarity. 

Sgt. Rex 'Power' Colt: Blah blah blah, kill, blah blah blah.

FarCry 3 Blood Dragon was one of the best FPS games to come out a few years ago, the humour, gameplay and tongue in cheek cheesy brilliance kept the Far Cry style gameplay continually so we are happy to offer this gem with our 2 month subscription.

I mean, just look at the launch trailer

Metacritic give it a rating of 81, users gave it a 8.1 rating leaving it pretty high up for FarCry games. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a spin-off that contains around eight hours of original content and features a single open-world island to explore, with many of Far Cry 3's gameplay systems and mechanics making a return.

Grab your 2 month subscription here with the silver bundle and get Farcry 3 Blood Dragon, or get the 4 month package and pick up two silver games

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