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GamerDating Patch July 19 - Icons, Clarity, UX and Messages!

Posted By: GamerDating Team - July 19, 2018


Harvesting Coolant Systems.... Reticulating splines....Update complete.

This update we have released a huge list of minor UI and UX updates, all from your feedback!

Thank you to everyone who continues to offer feedback, advice and ideas to help better our community and shared place to make it a better environment to find your special player 2.

Incase you're wondering, what does messages mean? Basically we overhauled messaging so there is a clearer advantage to people who have paid to use GamerDating and commited to finding someone. If you've paid, you can read messages from others, and people who have sent you a message can read yours back in return. That means you have free reign over any paid users, which is an awesome advantage for committing to GamerDating and finding your Player 2.

As a free member you can now message anyone which is great, and get a little free time if you share us on Facebook or Twitter of course which upgrades you to premium for a few days. We also know you really want to be talking to people on GamerDating more, so we're going to be rolling out some smaller packages soon as well (Plus Xbox and Playstation gamers we haven't fogotten about you, we'll be offering a host of rewards for you guys soon, but again - another article).

This leads to a good conversation later about why we chose this model, which we'll do an article about.

  • Fixed duplicate pop-up boxes for wrong password.
  • Improved email copy.
  • Fixed artwork which was missing on multiple pages.
  • It now says " Interested in (Their Gender)" to make it clear and English!
  • Logical continue buttons to help UX
  • "Load more" button to show end of search results instead of blank space
  • Fixed arrangement of news articles and advice articles.
  • Replace icons across messaging.
  • Introduced new icon for premium users sending messages to free users.
    • If you missed it; We now allow premium members to talk to free users and allow free users to reply to those specific users <3
    • Free members can now message anyone, but premium members are the only ones who can read your messages.
  • Improved Admin features and boring back end infastructure.
  • Improved graphic displays of hoverstates and buttons on headers.
  • Fixed "deactivate" options
  • Fixed the rogue "Undefined" name page in tab.
  • Improved copy on affilate page to have consistant naming convention.
  • New Sitemap
  • Arranged the genres in profile fields to drop down in an Alphabetical order instead of jumbled!
  • Added a cookiebar request on the landing page.
  • We added JEDI to the religion list!
  • Fixed and removed the "?" from city names, so it now has the correct name without weird "?" in it!
  • Games Habits renamed to "Gaming Habits"

We really focused on mobile fixes this month as we prepare our Androiod app.

We fixed on Mobile:

  • Messaging bug where you were unable to message.
  • Sign up process fixed
  • Grey boxes highlighted
  • Dropdown CSS fixed
  • Unblock button is now readable
  • Gamebox art is the correct size.
  • Added searching animations
  • Fixed the article header size when not logged in
  • Fixed random bug with the continue button not working on sign up.
  • Fixed the tabs so they are now readable (grey on grey)
  • Improved CSS for article authors.
  • UI improvements for search.
  • Fixed tabs to the top of the screen on mobile for easier navigation.
  • Fixed pop up sizing.

Since our post last month we have rolled out 6 seperate updates so you may have seen some of these fixes sneak in last week.

We still have more to come, fixes, enhancements and improvements.


As always, if you find a bug, report it.

Send in screenshots, videos and if you can, detailed information how to replicate.

Any bugs we can confirm we will fix and award that reporter with some free time to say thanks. <3

Don't forget to send in feedback and help us shape the best platform for you to find your lifelong partner.

Dating gamers has been a dream for many of us. The idea of sitting alongside your partner with hi-powered gaming rigs or consoles curled up on the sofa playing the latest games together with no guilt or shame. GamerDating aims to bring that dream to you, as really... it should never be a dream.

We are here for you. For you to find your special player 2 and bring it to reality.

Happy Gaming, and thank you for the support.