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GamerDating Patch September 6 - Easy Login and Views!

Posted By: GamerDating Team - September 06, 2018

(That's my classic Tron reference for the year lol)

This update we have some much needed quality of life changes for you guys, particularly focusing around the need to tell you whos checking you out, and to get back into the site quickly and easily when this has occurred (No more boring login information and passwords required).

We've added a quick way for you to log straight in via any of the links in our emails, this will give you 2 days from the date your email arrives informing you if someone has messaged, emailed 1upped you etc. Its important for us that this is the case because we want you guys to be able to seemlessly go from seeing someone is interested in you, to being able to check them out back! Hopefully this should enable you now to do that with 2 clicks, instead of having to go through authentication again and again, particularly when logged out.

It'll also enable you to login from any device (woot!) without having to leave your email inbox.

Hit the login buttons or images on any of our notifications now to instantly head to your account.

Hit the login buttons or images on any of our email notifications now to instantly head to your account.

The second thing we've added are a greater number of occassions to tell you that someone has checkedout your profile! This is important because someone checking out your profile and you reciprocating is always the first step to reaching out and saying hi, and it gives the more gregarious of you the chance to actually act on that interest better instead of letting the opportunity pass you by, so if someone checks you out, go say hi :)!


The third thing to add to the number of notifications you guys are getting is better control over them, there is now a suite of options quickly available to you to unsubscribe from any emails you need to from the emails themselves in a few clicks, this has been streamlined from our old system where you had to login, so go ahead and see what does and doesn't work for you. We recommend if you want to unsubscribe from some notifications, to at least keep your "1ups" and "messages" notifications on, you don't want to miss anyone whos really interested!


The last major update we've added is your ability to reorder your game library however you like. We have a ton of requests for this one so now you're able to show your games in any order that feels good for you, rather than just arranging them as you add them, check it out:

date nerds, nerd dating, date single nerds

Drag your game library around however you want to reorder them to your liking.

In the meantime here's other assortments of stuff we've been fixing/improving:

BUG: Some users are unable to unsubscribe, now solved

Create Token Login via Email Clicks, users now able to login directly from emails without details repeatedly

LGBTQ+ fliter: Some users were getting genders they weren't interested in their matches, this is now fixed

Fixed an annoying dashboard loop when users clicked on some users

Continue buttons in signup process was causing problems for some users on mobiles fixed

UX for messaging was bugging out on some screens

If users removes all the games from their game libraries, there was no option to add more fixed

You can now hit "Enter" when messaging someone and it will instantly send the message (Like Facebook)

Story items were not loading efficiently

Some more popular countries on GamerDating were added to the top of the selector

Selecting a country will not bug out now for some users

Some story cards were getting resizing glitches

Fixed a Code error one user experienced when signing up

Added the ability to remove people from your 1upped section if you wish

Articles and other tabs now stick to the top on mobile which leads to a much nicer experience

Some search popups on mobile weren't fitting inside the screen



Please please, if you find a bug, report it.

Send in screenshots, videos and if you can, detailed information how to replicate it.

Any bugs we can confirm we will fix and award that reporter with some free time to say thanks. <3

Don't forget to send in feedback and help us shape the best platform for you to find your lifelong partner.


Thats it for this update, as usual thanks for reporting in all those bugs you do find, everyone who does as usual gets a month's access to GamerDating for free so we hope everyone who found them before is having fun!

We are here for you guys, so if you need us for anything please reachout and we'll solve whatever is bugging you (pun intended).


The GamerDating Team