GamerDating Update Rolled out

Posted By: Gamerdating Team - April 08, 2015

GamerDating version 2.2 has been rolled out.

Please don't forget to clear your cache and your pages. The main bulk of this update was clearing up all bugs you reported and bugs we found through constant trials. 

Bug fixes include:

  • Improved search
  • Bug fixes to search which caused a crash
  • Bug fixes to game library
  • Bug fixes to photo cropping and upload
  • Bug fixes to game box art
  • Added platform icon to game keys
  • Updated the landing page

We have a long list of features on the horizon and new games coming for those new subscription offers.

We are awarding extra time as a thank you to everyone signed up by the end of 30th April 2015.

In addition all bug reports and feedback is noted, and those indivudals will be awarded extras to say thank you for supporting the community.

We look forward to more improvements and more updates as we progress.

Happy Gaming, Happy Dating.