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Get Civilization VI with GamerDating 4 Months Subscription Today!

Posted By: GamerDating - April 24, 2017

The latest spring update for Civilization VI is now available for PC, Mac and Linux players bringing one of the best Civilization games that extra polish we all expect.

Included in this huge patch is the harbor balance change, new Persia and Macedon scenario pack, a huge amount of gameplay and balance changes, much needed AI tweaks and research trees amended for an easier gameplay. You can check out the Spring Update details here.

If you've been on the fence a while about Civilzation and wondered if you should bother grabbing the new version, good choice, it launched with bugs and the AI was a bit crazy. Now after this patch we at GamerDating feel it is a solid base to start looking into and to help you take the plunge into the world conquering beauty that is Civ 6, we are offering it with our 4 Month Subscription.

The game has added team options which has allowed Alex and Kim to play hours into the evening, conquering and ruling the lands as a duo. We all know Civ has some great multiplayer so why not break the ice and have a game date as you spread religion, march armies across borders, culture bomb your neighbours and nuke the peaceful cities all while holding hands ;)

Check out GamerDating subscription here.