Get Rise of the Tomb Kings (DLC) With 4 Months Subscription!

Posted By: GamerDating - January 24, 2018

Settra takes to the sands in Total War: Warhammer II – Rise of the Tomb Kings (DLC) now the latest DLC available.

We at GamerDating love the Total War series and have already thoroughly enjoyed our armies ruling across the Land of the Dead. In typical fashion we want to share this awesome DLC with you. You can now pick up Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC with the 4 Month GamerDating Subscription package.

You can pick up Rise of the Tomb Kings on Steam and play in the Vortex Campaign searching for the books of the dead, or take to the Mortal Campaign and conquer.

Find your player 2 and play co-op as Settra The Imperishable and High Queen Khalida.

Check out the trailer below: