GoG "Unchain" five titles DRM free on offer

Posted By: Gamerdating Team - May 11, 2015

GOG.com working with Deep Silver and Nordic Games have announced a batch of five major releases, completely DRM-free for the very first time.

The releases get rolling with five celebratory discounts up to 75% off until May 18th

The five titles unchained today are:

Metro: Last Light Redux (-50%) - The 2014 remastered re-release of the blockbuster horror/FPS set in post-apocalyptic Moscow.

Saints Row 2 (-60%) - The surprise cult hit that reinvigorated the open-world action-adventure genre with its unique sprinkle of quirk. Complete with the GOG.com treatment to work flawlessly on modern PCs.

Saints Row: The Third (-66%) - Zany overload. The massively popular open-world action-adventure that flipped a genre on its head.

Darksiders 1 + 2 (Up to 75% off) - Hack and slash done right. Become a horseman of the apocalypse and fight as Death himself.