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Goliath - Mech survival game

Posted By: Gamerdating Team - June 08, 2015

Goliath is an upcoming survival/action game featuring massive constructs that you develop, build and hop in to combat the dangers of the world, focused on solo and co-operative play.

In an exclusive reveal, gameinformer share the premise of this new survival game. 

The concept is simple – after an unfortunate jaunt through a mysterious rift, you’re stranded in an unknown world. You have to survive against hordes of small threats and massive enemies, crafting your own robotic constructs, weapons, tools, and equipment for a chance at survival. To do this, you have to create massive mech companions known as Goliaths. A day/night cycle features tougher threats when the lights dim, weather considerations, and multiple factions in the land you’ll befriend and turn into enemies. If this sounds a whole lot like a riff on Don’t Starve with giant robots, you’re not far from the mark.

Goliath supports both co-op and competitive multiplayer, so you can work with your friends or against them in a robotic arms race. Look for more information coming on Goliath next week and at E3 this year.

You can read the full reveal and see a trailer over at gameinformer.

If you are a fan of Don't Starve the artwork, and top down view is in a similar vein, with cooperative gameplay from the get go. A game date with towering mechanical Goliaths laying the smack down on a giant chicken. Gamers, what's a better first date than that?