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Grey Goo Now Available in Our 4 Month Package

Posted By: GamerDating - May 05, 2016

Grey Goo is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that sticks to the traditional RTS design. Grey Goo had an initial poor reception at launch but was quickly adjusted to deliver a solid and rewarding campaign. In Feburary this year the launch of the "Descent of Shroud" added another fourth race which you can pick up for free.

Four unique factions deliver 4 styles of play:

  • THE BETA fight for their home and place in the universe.
  • THE HUMANS fight for understanding and to correct past mistakes.
  • THE GOO fight for survival.
  • THE SHROUD fight for destruction.

The Goo have been one of the most unique designs that we had the pleasure of experiencing in an RTS.

Experience the conflict between the Beta, Humans, and the Goo in a single-player campaign, but we don't want to share too much of the story, as the plot is outstanding.

Seeking refuge from an insidious threat, the Beta settle on Ecosystem Nine—but the serenity is short-lived. Soon the Goo, a swarm of microscopic, exploratory robots, as well as a Human research vessel, arrive—setting the stage for a full-scale war.

We enjoy offering games with our subscriptions, it allows you, the gamer to play something new, that you meant to pick up a few months ago and it of course allows you to get in touch with that special player 2.

With our 4 Month Subscription, you can also get a bundled silver game, still on the fence? Why not pick up Grey Goo?