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Just Announced Total War: Attila DLC Could Be Free

Posted By: The GamerDating Team - February 10, 2016

New DLC for Total War: Attila has been announced on Steam and there is a possibility it will be free.

The Slavic Nations Culture pack adds three new playable factions to the game: The Anteans, Scavenians and Venedians. They will all be playable in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes as well as Custom and Multiplayer battles.

A hardy and mobile people, The Slavs range far and wide across the blasted Steppe to recolonise and bring new life to abandoned earth. When conflict occurs, they release withering hails of poison arrows on their foes.

We are looking forward to playing these new factions and if we can get them for free - all the better. The third annual CA vs Relic strategy game brawl, Make War Not Love is this weekend and if Total War: Attila is crowned this year’s champion, Creative Assembly will make the just announced DLC free.

If Company of Heroes 2 wins, players will get Company of Heroes 2 - The British Forces, if Dawn of War II wins, their players will get the Tau Commander for Dawn of War II: Retribution. 

The event starts on February 14th at 10am PST/6pm GMT and run through February 20th. There isn’t an opt in or anything, just play your favorite game between those days. Every 48 hours “a formula that would make even Alan Turing’s head spin” calculates the winning game and awards that community a “selection of games from SEGA’s back catalogue to download for free,” so there could be some other great loot in it for you as well.

If you are wanting to get in on the action but still haven’t gotten your copy of any of this year’s competitors, don’t fret. Make War Not Love is also a free to play event to encourage you to give them a go and all of them will be 75% off if you want to keep your colonization rolling.

Alternatively, you can get Total War: Attila for free with a GamerDating Gold bundle! 

Official image from Total War: Attila Slavic Nations Culture Pack