The Last Moments of Asheron's Call

Posted By: GamerDating - February 01, 2017

Seventeen-year-old MMORPG Asheron’s Call had its plug pulled and the servers shut down for good. 17 years of characters, gameplay and the associated friendships, families, and relationships that were born from it came to a saddening end. 

As one of the originals to the MMO world, Asheron's Call has influenced a world of gamers many who have met, married had children and still continued to play.

PC Gamer took to the servers and interviewed multiple gamers, including the 74 year old Grandfather who plays "Black Heart". Gamers such as Maggie the Jackcat returned to the game and in the last two weeks since the announcement of the servers closing, took her son hunting in the village where her character started. Actions such as this that make games stand out above the others. Games that create connections, friendships and love.

PC Gamer complied this beautiful video of the final moments of Asheron's Call, watch it below:

Where are those tissues?