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My First Date Was a Video Game - Relationship Stories

Posted By: Guest Writer - Emily Toye - September 15, 2016

You know that you’ve struck gold with someone when the first date they take you on is in a video game.

I’ve been a gamer for most of my life, discovering new titles and series in the PC gaming area, as well as dabbling in a few console games here and there. Gaming is a big part of my life and it is a goal of mine to work in the gaming music industry. So I thought it would be perfect to have a Player 2 who also had a similar level of enjoyment with video games.

I got to know my current companion through the MOBA game Smite when he asked me to come play “a quick game” whilst we chatted over the internet. The “quick game” turned into hours of multiple instances and we found ourselves getting to know each other better whilst bonding over something we both discovered and enjoyed.

This led to him introducing me to Planetside 2, an online first person shooter that I’ve sunk way too many hours into. He and I, along with a few friends, ran nightly sessions of the game, allowing me to make new friends and getting to work with the few who I knew rather well but created a better connection with. It’s amazing how you interact with people when you’re in and out of game. I’ve created some fabulous memories in games and I’ve cried from laughter at some of our wackier attempts at taking enemy points.

Planetside 2 fighting side by side

It was through Planetside 2 that my companion took me on an “in-game date”, which involved a trip flying around in an aircraft, a drive over hills in a quad bike and him showing off his amazing in-game skills (which ended up with him crashing his aircraft a few times). I experienced all of this from the comfort of my study chair and I’ve never forgotten it. I laughed till my jaw hurt and we chatted for hours about our in-game experiences. It opened my eyes to the idea that a date can be based around a game you enjoy rather than a meal at an overpriced restaurant.

Having said this, after two years of us being a team, we’ve gone out and spent time together away from the game consoles and PC, whether it’s going out for dinner or spending time with our families. But it’s always nice to know that on those evenings when you don’t feel like spending money or taking a trip to the big city, you can relax inside, indulging in a hobby that you both enjoy.

He and I have been asked in the past if we go out every weekend, if he takes me out to dinner, if we go down to the local pub on a Saturday evening, and we usually don’t do those things. Even though it may make our friends and family wonder what we do for fun, we spend our time investing in our hobbies and we won’t change that. Being students, we can’t afford to go out every weekend and if we do it may be once a month or so. Gaming is perfect for us, as we can spend time together doing what we want to do instead of going out and partying. We do go out and spend time with friends and for dinner on occasion but we are not as social as other couples may be. But spending time doing what we love with the one we love is a normal and healthy relationship and we continue to do what we both feel comfortable with because it makes both of us happy.

When talking about gaming, people often say that it is anti-social and you can’t make “real” friends or relationships through online gaming. I disagree with this notion entirely. Through gaming online, I, as well as many others, have made countless friends, communicated with a range of different people and found someone who is as interested in the next patch of League of Legends as I am. Someone who you play a 30-minute instance with could be a friend for a lifetime. I find myself communicating with friends over the internet more often than I do in person. It may be a different way of socialising but it is possible to make lifelong friends and spark relationships through gaming online.


The reason I tell my story of finding my companion is that it is possible for anyone to find that special person. Our journey has taken us from talking on the internet, playing MOBAs, to sitting on the living room floor screaming at the TV while playing Super Smash Bros, to helping each other get through different levels in missions in Warframe that we find difficult. We’ve introduced each other to different games that we enjoy, we’ve found out more about each other through gaming and we’ve found a common bond that strengthens our relationship to this day. Whatever your preferred way of gaming, there will be someone who wants to enjoy it with you.

This is why I find dating sites like Gamer Dating so important for people who are looking for others who have that passion for games. It can be difficult to find the right person, but in a space that is dedicated to helping gamers find their Player 2, it can be a calmer and easier situation for those who may struggle with interactions face to face. I understand that socialising with people in the flesh can be difficult for some. I find it rather hard to socialise outside of the comfort of my home and I feel much more comfortable in my own space. This is why a site like this is so important. It is a safe, friendly community of gamers who are all in the same ship.

My personal advice for anyone who is looking for a Player 2 is to find someone who you are comfortable with and you feel you can sit side-by-side playing the latest triple-A title or an old NES game with. Of course, you don’t have to sit side-by-side to play games: online chatting services either in text, voice or video may be an easier option, especially if you live quite a distance from each other. Relationships can be strengthened through interacting in video games, and, through finding common interests in the gaming world, you can find out about other hobbies you both may share, for example in music, art, books, etc. This can form a strong bond and helps you know each other better.

Gaming and Relationships


"This is why I find dating sites like Gamer Dating so important for people who are looking for others who have that passion for games."

It may seem strange to other people who have no interest in gaming that a couple is formed through a video game. It is completely normal. Most people find relationships through their hobbies and what they enjoy. Dating someone through a video game is no different than dating someone through clubbing or through a love of movies. There is nothing wrong with finding relationships through any of these, but it is essential that you feel safe and comfortable when doing so.

This article is not forcing you into finding a relationship through gaming alone, but it can be a good way to introduce yourself to someone. Finding someone who is just as enthusiastic about your favourite video game is a brilliant way to start a conversation and it can lead to finding out more about each other. It could also lead you to finding new game titles that you never knew about but could become a favourite, and you then have someone to share your experience with.

The most important thing to take away from this article is that gaming with a partner and finding a relationship through gaming is normal and can form lifelong partnerships and friendships. Finding people with common interests can be a difficult task, but with such a broad area of media such as gaming, there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding that player who wants to sit and play hours of Super Mario with you.

Through Gamer Dating you can find a multitude of people with different gaming passions and interests. It is a positive community of people who all have a combined love of gaming and are on a quest to find someone they can share their love of gaming with.

So, if you find that person who you feel is the right companion for you, ask them to join you in that FPS that you adore and introduce them to a world that you enjoy; ask to join them in the MOBA that they can’t stop talking about and, most importantly, have fun in meeting new and friendly people in the gaming community.

- Emily Toye