No Man's Sky Update 1.3 - Atlas Rises!

Posted By: GamerDating - August 11, 2017

It has been a while since Hello Games, Devs of the colossal flop No Man's Sky spoke publicly. First we saw the Pathfinder and Foundation updates earlier in the year but now, on the one year anniversary, we see the latest update. Update 1.3 - Atlas Rises.

Atlas Rises brings a brand new and overhauled central storyline, portals, a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economics, and multiplayer exploration.

  • Story Line
  • System Galaxy Map
  • New Biomes and Worlds
  • Crashed Freighters on surfaces to explore
  • New Missions System
  • Intersteller trading
  • Crafting system
  • New Analysis Visor
  • User Interface upgrade
  • Visual Improvements (such as DOF and new textures)
  • Terrain Editing Multi Tool
  • StarGate Portals with consistent shareable glyph combos to visit planets.
  • Improved Space Combat
  • Low Flight across Planets
  • Multiplayer Joint Exploration
  • New Ships
  • QOL - Summer your ship and new icons

Check out the new trailer detailing the update:

You can check out the full patch notes over at NMS website.