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Perfect Profile: How To Improve Your Profile - The Words

Posted By: GamerDating - September 25, 2017

The profile can be one of the most daunting first impression someone will have about you.

The photo, the words. 

Here are some top tips how to fill out your profile to get the best engagement.

First of all, and most importantly, FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE.  Having a blank or near-blank profile is just as bad as not uploading a profile picture. No one is going to try to contact you because no one will know anything about you, you'll just be another username in the sea of users.

We are gamers, you know what it is like when you glance at the forum profile and see the 1 post user, with the default image, and no info.... Noob.

Luckily, we have your back. Almost your entire profile can be completed by making selections from drop-down menus, so you don’t need to worry about being creative or coming up with witty answers. The only parts that require you to really think and exert some effort are the “About me” section and "What you are looking for".

We know, it can be daunting, so here are some top ideas.

Why not include some of this juicy information:

Your hobbies
Your career, if it’s important to you
What you like to do most in your free time
Describe your favourite thing about yourself
Talk about what’s most important to you
Explain what you’re looking for in a partner
Talk about your goals for the future
Tell us how your friends would describe you
Hopefully, that can get you started.  

But one more important note. Don't be a noob, and don't write stuff like this:

Don’t be negative about yourself.  No one likes a Negative Nooblet.
Don’t try too hard.  Your profile doesn’t need to be non-stop jokes and witticisms.  Just be yourself.
Don’t worry about other people making fun of what you write.  Someone who makes fun of your dating profile isn’t someone you want to date!
Don’t get heavy.  Save revelations about your childhood traumas, horrific previous relationships, and tendencies for later on down the road.
Don’t be vague.  Everyone thinks they have a "great sense of humour" or are "really laid back". Rather than listing traits, describe what you like to do. 
Don’t include your personal contact information in your profile!  We do our best to ensure your safety on this site and we, of course, remove any people who are causing problems for any of our users.  But to avoid any potential issues, protect yourself and don’t post an email address or phone number in your profile.

Next week we'll talk about how to open up and start conversations. We have laced our profiles full of information and in particular; gaming information, so this bit is easy ;)