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Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Will Take Place During Different Times of Day

Posted By: GamerDating - September 07, 2016

Pokémon revealed in the Japanese trailer and following English trailer that Sun and Moon will have towns progressing through the day, evening and night cycle.

In addition the Moon and Sun versions of Pokémon will start with adjusted times of 12 hours:

The two worlds of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moonare 12 hours apart and are tied to the actual time in real life. Pokémon Sun operates on the same time as your Nintendo 3DS system, but time in the world ofPokémon Moon is shifted by 12 hours. Some Totem Pokémon which appear in the trials throughout the game will also be different in each version. Players will encounter different Pokémon on the same route depending on whether it is day or night, which means players will have different experiences according to their chosen version of the game.

You can see how this may work in the video below

Alternatively you can check out the English trailer (less information).

In addition a new photography mode and a teaser on the "ultra" Pokémon.

All over Alola, rumors speak of creatures that possess mighty powers and pose a threat to humans and Pokémon. They’re called Ultra Beasts, and there are said to be multiple Ultra Beasts in existence. It seems that the Aether Foundation is conducting research on these Ultra Beasts, referring to each of them by a code name. UB-01 is an Ultra Beast that has a body composed of a glass-like substance. It constantly changes shape, and its movements resemble that of a young girl. Whilst evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions at all.

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