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StarCraft: Remastered - Brood War is Back Baby!

Posted By: Alexander Brown - March 28, 2017

StarCraft® Remastered has been announced, complete with video, landing page and oooh the memories came flooding back.

Brood War has a special place in the hearts of the founders at GamerDating. In fact I (Alex) can remember playing hours and hours of Starcraft. It even progressed my real world knowledge as I learnt about hubs, switches and crossover cables just so I could use the Spawn installation and play some multiplayer LAN with friends, our huge CRT monitors and tower PC's cluttering the room as we sat sprawled across the living room floor. Curtains shut tight, the light our enemy as we played all weekend, much to the dismay of my parents. 

I can recall to local LAN competitions and playing endlessly fuelled on junk food and snacks and eventually falling asleep in a sleeping bag under the desk. Starcraft was firmly one of my first obsessions and introduced me to a new level of strategic understanding and competitive approach to video gaming.

Starcraft steered me to friends who sat and coached. It created a community. 

Now Starcraft Remastered is taking Brood War and upgrading the beautiful nostalgic piece of work and I can guarantee we'll see a new community form from it.

The new version brings:

  • Remastered Graphics
  • Widescreen 4K Ultra HD Resolution 
  • Remastered Dialogue and Audio
  • Blizzard Friends and Matchmaking
  • Classic StarCraft Gameplay Remains Untouched
  • New Illustrations Enhance Original Story
  • More than 50 Single-Player Missions • Plugged in to Blizzard’s Gaming Network 
  • Cloud Saves for Campaign, Custom Maps, Replays, and Keybinds
  • Localized in 13 Languages

StarCraft: Remastered will include all of StarCraft’s and Brood War’s campaign missions with enhanced storytelling via new comic-book style interludes. While this rejuvenated version of StarCraft is locked and loaded for the modern era, the gameplay and balance have been precisely preserved, for an experience that will feel identical to veteran players.

The fact they are bringing the game back with the same balance and gameplay is a huge relief. I might have to fish out my old school text book that I converted into a build order and strategy book for recording all the information I could.

Check out the landing page to see some awesome sliders to show you from the old style, to the new.

I look forward to revisiting Big Game Hunters and the music has always been one of those instant classic, take me back into the memories moments.

So I leave you with this, the trailer: