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Two New Characters Announced for Heroes of the Storm

Posted By: The GamerDating Team - January 21, 2016

Two new characters have been announced for Heroes of the Storm, both hailing from the Diablo universe. Dustin Browder, the game’s director, revealed the additions in an interview with MetaBomb last night.

The first was Li Ming, a wizard inspired by Diablo 3. She has three core builds, though of course, players can mix and match to suit their style. Magic Missile “is a good midrange build” according to Browder. The Arcane Orb build is a “more poke-oriented build” that requires a good amount of skill to aim from a distance. The Teleport build “is a little bit more scary” as it requires the player to use their power to get right in the middle of the action to deliver perfectly timed explosions.

Li Ming, the wizard coming to Heroes of the Storm

Xul, is a Necromancer from Diablo 2. Browder explained, “He's been an often requested character from us by our players since we announced the game in 2013. At PAX, Gamescom and so on, people asked for Necromancer. We thought it would be fun to make a guy who can summon skeletons, can curse enemies, and really get that Necromancer vibe from Diablo 2."

This is exciting news for a couple of us on the GamerDating team. We are obviously big fans of Blizzard games, and these are characters a couple of us have been looking forward to seeing in the Heroes of the Storm roster.

Browder had some really interesting things to say about the future of matchmaking in the game; head over to MetaBomb to read up. It is a thoughtful read for anyone interested in the way Heroes of the Storm is evolving.

Xul, the Necromancer coming to Heroes of the Storm.