YouTube Gaming Launched Today

Posted By: The GamerDating Team - August 26, 2015

Almost exactly a year after Google lost their bid to buy they have launched Youtube Gaming.  The new app and website focus exclusively on gaming content with an emphasis on live streaming.  Until today, there were billions of hours of gaming focused material spread over hundreds of thousands of channels with only the search function and the recommendations of influencers and algorythms to help users find content, making it difficult and often time consuming to find the videos they want.

According to the Fiancial Times, people are spending 75% more time watching videos on YouTube than they did last year with half of the top 100 channels by watch time focused on gaming.  Estimates by SuperData Research say gaming videos are worth $3.8 billion world wide.

What excites us most about the way the site is set up is that it allows users to favorite games, much like we do in the GamerDating library, so you can keep up on any and all content pertaining to the games you love - not just the content made by those you are subscribed to and a few recommendations.

Screen grab of the Guild Wars 2 page on YouTube Gaming