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GamerDating Updates Preview - Advanced Matchmaking, emails & activity labels.

Posted By: GamerDating Team - April 22, 2019

Coming Soon - Advanced Matchmaking, Matchmaking emails and new activity labels.

This month we intend to roll out our advanced matching making system. After feedback and user suggestions we are pleased to announce that we have nearly finished our improved system to bring you more opportunities to find your special Player 2.

Each week we take your feedback, bug reports and suggestions and plug them into our roadmap.



With the new matchmaking system we'll be able to find you better and current matches.

When you login and view your dashboard you'll be able to see the usual top matches. 

If you miss a day, you'll still generate close matches and as each day ticks and you see these matches the options will expand (like MMR or region extension when searching for games) giving you the chance to find that special someone.

To help you find the best matches as possible we have added a queue to your matchmaking. The queue will keep those current members and show you how many left are in the queue. 

When you run out of matches you can force our system to run the algorithm to refresh your matches and find you another group. Or of course, you can click "Find a Date" and refine your search for your special Player 2.



With all these matches flowing onto your dashboard, if you miss a day or are away from a reliable connection, worry not. Not only will your matches be stored in your queue, but you'll be emailed a notification of those potential partners.

These emails can, of course, be reduced in frequency, turned off entirely or sent with each group of matches found. If you are not a fan of email communication, you can change your settings in your Account Settings under "Mailing" and unsubscribe with ease.

Your best matches will be sent twice weekly.

Matches straight into your inbox because we love you.



One of the other suggestions was the ability to view the profile of a match, rather than forced into the option of "Bomb" or "1Up" and so now we have added a third button to allow you to simply view the profile of the user to see more information.

On your matches cards click the magnifying glass to see their profile.

As we all know the better the profile, the better the chances of finding your Special Player 2. Read more information about good practices of filling in a profile.



One of the largest pieces of feedback was the desire to see which users were active, dormant or had simply left.

This next update will feature a new label on the profile of a user which will give a rating based on the activity of the user. This will help identify users who have checked in once, and the more active soul seeker:

  • Very Recently Active
  • Recently Active
  • Active
  • Not so Active
  • Inactive

This label can be found both on profiles and used in "Find a Date" searches.

Now when you search for a date you can choose to toggle "Recent Activity" to display those most active, within your established parameters, first.

We did not want to sort by "the most active" but instead allow the results to still be sorted by MDR or Closest distance with activity on/off.


These are just some of the improvements we are rolling out, and I wish I could share more with you at this time.


We also have bug fixes, QoL improvements and optimisation and some new integrations coming ;)


Stay tuned for the update that we hope to roll out soon!


We are here for you guys, so if you need us for anything please reach out and we'll solve whatever is bugging you (pun intended).

Good luck finding your special player 2, and enjoy your game dates.


The GamerDating Team