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GamerDating Updates - Profile views, email notifications & plans!

Posted By: GamerDating Team - October 01, 2018

(Did you hear it in that voice... and was it Mayo or Mail?)

Today we have a fairly small update, rolling out some minor fixes and improvements to your email notifications. Now when you are viewed you will get an email notification that you have been viewed by that person. We've set a limit per day is 4 emails to stop your inbox getting flooded, but if anyone wants that cap to go up, let us know.

Getting notifications about your views is important, it lets you know that a potential player 2 is interested, but maybe they're shy? Maybe your profile was filled out enough, but they didn't reach out so maybe you should say hi!

Remember you can get loads of views but if your profile isn't filled out, you will have a lot less of a chance to be contacted. Read here for some tips about writing "about me" and general profile tips.

However, if you'd prefer you can always turn off your email notifications by going to settings (cog at top right).

We've done some minor UI fixes, like hover states and alignment of pixels.

Largely we are preparing for our next big updates.


Our Roadmap is ever changing and adjusting with each bit of feedback and bug that appears. We have a lid on nearly all the bugs so we are at a stage now where the next core updates are about to roll out.

We first offered PC Game Keys with subscriptions, and those signing up received a fancy new game for PC. We have been working on new deals with other platforms and finally, we are happy to announce more options. We will be including PC, Xbox and PlayStation games in our next updates. This has obviously been hugely requested by you consolers out there and we get it, you don't want a steam game if your main console is Xbox 1! So hopefully that'll give you guys more reasons to be happy.

To add to that we are including the "subscribe with no game" option. The ability to subscribe and opt to not pick up a game. Funilly enough this was highly requested from a lot of people, and we get it, you guys don't want to add a game for the sake of adding it to your steam library right, so for us, this was always just another way of saying thanks for trusting us, and giving you some more value.

But if the value for you is the service and that's enough, well, thanks for the compliment!
Sneek peek of the new options

We initially offered games to tide people over when we first started building the service, waiting for software to git gud is boring. With games, we wanted to say "Thanks for signing up, we know we have a small userbase, but here is a game to say thanks and support you."

Now we have a much larger database, but we wanted to continue to offer those games, from gamers to gamers. Any chance to get a game bundled in as extra value to a service is a good way to get a game. Now we wish to expand it again, but at the same time allow users to completely sidestep the game option.

We are also introducing further anti-spam measures, as we do not accept fake profiles, spammers, phishers or jokers. Seriously though phishers, put your rods away, our software can cut your "contact details" lines faster than you can bait them if you know what I'm saying.

Stay tuned for our monthly game post as we release further PC games in the meantime.


Please please, if you find a bug, report it.

Send in screenshots, videos and if you can, detailed information on how to replicate it.

Any bugs we can confirm we will fix and award that reporter with some free time to say thanks. <3

Don't forget to send in feedback and help us shape the best platform for you to find your player 2.


That's it for this update, as usual, thanks for reporting in all those bugs you do find, everyone who does as usual gets a month's access to GamerDating for free so we hope everyone who found them before is having fun!

We are here for you guys, so if you need us for anything please reach out and we'll solve whatever is bugging you (pun intended).


The GamerDating Team